About Us

Imagine is a multi-solution brand-building platform with roots in the Middle East and Europe. We specialize in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), particularly the food and beverage industry.

Our VISION is to help brands find new market footholds in an evolving FMCG industry, in unique, innovative ways.

Our MISSION is to nurture promising local and international brands and help them reach their full potential in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). With our dedication and expertise, we aim to make brands grow, flourish and ultimately dominate the MEA marketplace.

Our TEAM is comprised of gurus as unique and varied as our services. With rich backgrounds in strategic planning, communications and sales in both regional and multinational organizations, we each bring  our unique expertise to all of our business relationships.

Our ADVISORY BOARD features esteemed, internationally experienced leaders. We’re privileged to benefit from these accomplished professionals’ wisdom, proficiency in global business and knowledge of the MEA. They are truly the backbone of Imagine.

Whether you’re a regional brand looking for a new market or a multinational seeking growth in the Middle East without the cost of a satellite office to manage, Imagine has everything you need to make it happen.

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Why Imagine

Imagine is not your typical consulting agency. We are not brokers. We are not agents.

We are brand representatives eager to grow your brand in the MEA region.

When we represent your brand, we are part of your organization—without the cost of managing a satellite office and sales staff.

Imagine is a multi-solution platform that thrives on creating and executing custom strategies designed to resonate in the distinctive MEA region.

Our extensive network in the region includes strong relationships with best-in-class distributors, state-of-the-art packaging, warehousing and manufacturing facilities, as well as communications agencies that specialize in advertising, research, market data and more.

Who We Serve

Imagine specializes in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), particularly the food and beverage industry.

We work with regional or international businesses with an interest in penetrating and/or growth in the MEA region.

Consider us if you are:
  • A business in the MEA region that isn’t reaching its potential and could use new energy and expertise to breathe new life into your business strategies.
  • An international brand interested in participating and ultimately succeeding in the MEA marketplace.
  • A business in the MEA region with a desire to expand your footprint into Africa, Iran, Pakistan and other neighboring regions.

Working as your partner, we can help you develop innovative strategies that will position you as a player in the evolving MEA market.